How to Play Blues and Jazz Piano

Welcome to Blues and Jazz!

This is a site about how to play jazz piano and learning the piano blues. I will provide lessons on piano blues scales, jazz piano improvisation and where to find jazz piano sheet music.

I will share tips you can use in real life.

My intention is to provide useful information regarding the subject. There will be drills, exercises and theory, that when applied, will result in an immediate, perceivable improvement in your playing. I'll be doing this through the mediums of online articles and downloadable lesson books.

My viewpoint is that if a piece of information does not clarify and simplify the subject, it is useless.

If an exercise or drill does not make an immediate improvement in your playing, it is useless.

This site is not just for musicians either.

I will also cover the history of the genre, who the classic, must-listen-to artists are and who the current artists are. I would like to provide a venue for musicians to exhibit and promote their work and as things evolve, I also want to cover concerts and festivals and where you can go to hear this music.

My name is Scott Rowe and I've been playing piano since I was eight. That was many, many moons ago. I'm trained in classical piano, but found my love in jazz and blues piano. If you want to hear my playing, please click on the "Performance" tab that you will find in the Navigation Bar on the left hand side of this page. If you want to hear what I sound like with a band go to

I am available both as a solo or ensemble player for jazz, rock, blues, and r and b. You can contact me via this site or call 815 516 1067.Through my years of teaching and performing, I've picked up a few tips and techniques that I think may be of use to others.

The field is fascinating and full of interesting people and anecdotes. It is a vital and important part of American culture. I hope to help those who are musicians become more able to participate in it, and those who are "just music lovers" (I put that in quotes because as a "mere music lover" you are far more valuable than you may think), understand and appreciate it even more.

I've got some work to do to get this site together and it will surely be a labor of love. I hope you will bookmark this site and follow me as it develops. And now, let's go Blues and Jazz Piano!

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Scott Rowe, Pianist and Keyboardist

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